Winter hike at Lake Eibsee(2)- looking for a restaurant

After the nice hike around Lake  Eibsee we started to feel the hunger and decided to search for a restaurant.We returned to the parking area and close to it we found the Eibsee Hotel, which seemed like a really nice place to spend the evening .

This hotel has a good positioning especially if you want to see more of the area. It’s close to the train station taking you to Zugpitze or Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Spending the night there was not in our plans for that day, we were just looking for something to eat. We checked to see if we could eat at this hotel , but the restaurant of the hotel was closed . From what i’ve noticed most Germans go to lunch around 12 o’clock and then the restaurants close and take a break until dinner time(of course not all restaurants have the same opening hours) . We got there too late for lunch, but we did not lose hope and started looking for something else.

Right next to the hotel we found a map of the area and an other restaurant- Eibsee Alm,  located close to the Eibsee Hotel. The road until Eibsee Alm was covered in snow, but the view of the Zugpitze was breathtaking.

Zugspitze view

On our way to the restaurant Eibsee Alm

Eibsee restaurant

Eibsee restaurant

As you can notice from the pictures  a sledge could have helped up. When we got to the restaurant we noticed that almost all the places were occupied, but after a few minutes we had our own table(right next to the toilets). We asked for the traditional drink in winter time- Glühwein (hot red wine with various mulling spiced). The menu was not really rich and almost all the food was fast food type. If you want to be sure you can eat what you order you have to stick to the classics in Bavaria: “Schnitzel” with fries, “Weisswurst”(white sausage) with “Pretzels” , “Kartoffelsalat” (potato salad) and cakes.  I did not do that and i was sorry. I was feeling ready to try new things, so i ordered “Leberknödel mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelpüree” which means liver dumplings with hot sour cabbage and mashed potato. That was the moment i realized i don’t really like anything with liver.I also hated the Bavarian way of preparing the cabbage. The mashed potato was the only thing eatable from my plate. The wine was good and made me forget about my bad choice.  This is a picture of the restaurant Eibsee Alm at the end of the program.

Inside Eibsee restaurant

Inside Eibsee restaurant

As the night was getting closer we took one last look at the beautiful Eibsee lake and went home.

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