Travel to the Alps – one day at the Eagle’s Nest Germany(second part) 2

In the tunnel you have to stand in line and you might need a jacket.  At the end of the tunnel is an elevator that you have to take to reach the Eagle’s Nest. After waiting around 15 minutes in the tunnel we finally reached the Eagles Nest.

On a good day from here you can see Konig See, Berchtesgaden and even Salzburg.We explored a bit the place and even found the hiking road taking us down. Too bad we already had  the return ticket bought.

Berchtesgaden National park

Berchtesgaden National park

The panorama from Kehlsteinhaus was great and the pictures were incredible.

Bavarian Alps Germany

Bavarian Alps Germany

Berchtesgaden valley

Berchtesgaden valley

Berchtesgaden view

Berchtesgaden view

Eagle's Nest

Eagle’s Nest

We wanted to try the outdoor beer garden, but it was very crowded and after 20 minute wait with no drinks we went back to the bus.

Next time we will definitely try the hiking road.

Eagle's Nest restaurant

Eagle’s Nest restaurant

Hiking area Eagle's Nest

Hiking area Eagle’s Nest

Useful info:

For your visit at Kehlsteinhaus pick a summer day with warm weather and clear sky.

Our pictures of the Eagle’s Nest are taken in June 2012.

Season opening 11.05.2013

Altitude 1.834 m (6.017 ft)

Price for the bus ticket around 16 euro /person both ways , but you can always hike (for free).

For possible ways to reach this place visit:

For the first part of the article read: Travel to the Alps – one day at the Eagle’s Nest Germany

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