Travel tips to Germany – from München to Neuschwanstein Castle

There are a few options for those wanting to get at Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle from Munchen. You can get there by car, public transport or bus tour.

- by car. You can rent a car at many locations from Munchen: airport, railway station, city center, etc. To get to the castles use highway A96 direction Memmingen/Lindau plus road B17 direction Schwangau

- public transport – train plus bus. The whole journey from Munchen till Hohenschawangau village takes  2hours and 20 minutes  and costs  around 20 -30 euro for up to 5 persons.

The departure point is Munchen central station ( Munchen Hauptbahnhof) and the destination is the village where the 2 castles Hohenschwangau,Schwangau(Schlosser). If you don’t want to pay a huge price for the train and bus ticket, you a must to buy “the Bayern ticket”- that only costs around 20 euro for a whole day, is available for up to 5 persons on almost all public means of transport.

You can consult the train and bus program at  and buy the ticket before you get into the train from the ticket automates. If you want to read more on the Bayern ticket you can do it here:

Munich city center

Munich city center

Train Munich Neuschwanstein castle

Train Munich Neuschwanstein castle

-book a bus tour taking you from Munchen central station till Neuschwanstein Castle, plus other destinations from Germany. There are many bus companies offering this type of tour .This option is comfortable, but the price is a bit high- around 49euro /person,  not including the entrance for the castles. An example of tour is :

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