Testing German food- Kaiserschmarrn

What to eat and not to eat in Germany?! In this series of articles we will speak about some German food specialties we’ve tried and loved or hated. The Germans have a wide variety of food and deserts and every region has its own favorites. We’ll try some of them  and see if we like them or not.

While visiting the  Englisher Garden from  Munich we stopped for while at a Biergarten (open air restaurant serving mostly beer and local food) and tried a popular desert in Bavaria called – “Kaiserschamarn” .

The place of origin for this desert is actually Austria , but that’s not important. We liked Kaiserschmarrn so much that we tried to make it at home and the result was pretty good.

Here are our pictures of Kaiserschmarrn.

One is with the one we tried in Munich  and the other one is with the one we made at home.



Homemade Kaiserschmarrn

Homemade Kaiserschmarrn

The ingredients are basically the same as for any European pancakes: flour, eggs, milk/cream, sugar, butter. The extra ingredients are raisins, almonds and apple mousse or plums jam. Kaiserschamarnn is much easier to make as the pancakes and it requires less time.

In case you want to try it and you are not in Germany, here you can find a nice recipe to try at home.


Our verdict for Kaiserschmarrn: very good.

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