Travel to the Alps – Berchtesgaden village

  After seeing the Eagle’s Nest we decided to stop in Berchtesgaden, a famous mountain village-town located in the bavarian Alps at just 11km distance  . This place really impressed us with its beauty and is definitely a site to see again. Like in every village from this area of Germany, here you can find […]



Travel to the Alps – one day at the Eagle’s Nest Germany 1

Eagle’s Nest or Kehlsteinhaus – as the Germans call it, is the most amazing place I’ve seen in Germany. If you’re planning on visiting southern Germany you should put this place on the” to see list”. Eve What is actually Eagle’s Nest and how do you get there It’s a restaurant & outdoor beer garden […]

One day at Mainau Insel – second part

At some  point during our visit at Mainau we were asked by someone if we know where the Butterfly’s House is. We had no idea where that was and what that was, but a few moments later we found it. After seeing the pictures you will understand why this was our favorite part of the […]



Mainau Insel and Lake Constance 1

What is actually Mainau Insel and how do you get there?! Mainau Insel is a flower island near Lake Constance(Bodensee) Germany. The island is  easily accessible from Austria, Switzerland  and of course South Germany.You can get there  from Meersburg – located at just 10 km distance , Zurich – located at 78 km distance, St.Gallen […]

Testing German food- Kaiserschmarrn

What to eat and not to eat in Germany?! In this series of articles we will speak about some German food specialties we’ve tried and loved or hated. The Germans have a wide variety of food and deserts and every region has its own favorites. We’ll try some of them  and see if we like […]



Münchner Oktoberfest 2013 – the beer parade

A few months we went to the parade held on the first day of Oktoberfest. It was a nice experience, especially since it was the first parade of this type i’ve seen so far. The parade consists of carriages filled with beer and wine barrels, music, good mood, people wearing traditional costumes .The dresses are […]

One day at Mainau Insel – first part 1

We got to the Mainau Island on a beautiful September day, around noon time . We drove from Lindau till Meersburg and than took the ferry from  Mainau’s harbour .You can also get here by  bus , car or bike, but we preferred the boat. The ticket for the island is not really expensive, but […]

Mainau_ a_must_see_in_Germany