The Neuschwanstein Castle in the summer – second part 1

From the ticket area located in Hohenschwangau Village you have two options : take the bus or walk . Both options are relatively ok. The bus costs under 2 euro , but  you have to wait for it and it’s very crowded.

Everyone wanted to take the bus, because they thought the road to the castle is long. That is not true, the road can be done easily in 15-20min, as we later discovered.

This time we waited for the bus and we got there rapidly.We waited in front of the castle until the number of our tour was announced and took more photos of the castle and of Marienbrücke(Mary’s Bridge) .

Neuschwanstein_castle seen from Mary's Bridge

Neuschwanstein_castle seen from Mary’s Bridge

Neuschwanstein entrance

Neuschwanstein entrance

Neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein castle

Mary' Bridge seen from Neuschwanstein

Mary’ Bridge seen from Neuschwanstein


The interior of the castle is not as spectacular as the exterior, but it gets you a bit closer to the “madness”of Ludwig II of Bavaria. The rooms of the castle showed the passion of the king for technology and comfort. Telephones, hot air central heating, automatic flushing system in the toilets are just a few examples of the eccentricities that made everybody think that the king is crazy. Let’s not forget one important detail: you are not allowed to take pictures inside the castle.

For the road back from the castle we walked, instead of taking the bus and discovered the road was actually very easy.

Here is a picture of Hohenschwangau Castle and the entire area surronding the castle.

Hohenschwangau castle seen from far away

Hohenschwangau castle seen from far away

Our pictures of the Neuschwanstein Castle are taken in June 2012.

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