Life in Germany- facts,tips and tricks(2)

I continue today with the second part of the post Life in: Germany- facts, tips and tricks .

11. Germans love dogs . Germany is “the place to be” for a dog, because here the dog is the boss and not the other way around. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere in Germany and so far i haven’t seen any abandoned dogs.  The dogs get a lot of attention no matter where they are. Every time i go into a park i am amazed by the big number of dogs i see. You  almost don’t see anyone going the take a walk alone ( without  bringing their dog) . If you want to bring your dog to Germany you should  obtain prior the landlord’s permission , register the dog at the local town hall (Rathaus) and pay the taxes . Once you arrive in Germany with your dog  you have 30 days to register it and pay the tax. The tax is different in every city and has to be paid every year. For example in Munich the tax for one dog is 100 euro . 

12. Germans like to be naked.  In Germany the areas where public nudity is allowed  are marked with the letters “FKK”. “FKK” comes from “Freikörperkultur” and means Free Body Culture. You can see people with no bathing suits in public bathing area, spas, saunas, outdoor areas . Did you know that until 2009  in certain parts of the Alps naked hiking was allowed. I am really glad that is now illegal. Not that i’ve looked , but  so far i haven’t seen any attractive people practicing FKK in Germany. The majority of naked people you will  see here are old and not so good-looking. So don’t be too shocked about the nudity in Germany.

13.Germans love to sort and clean. You can see that very clear from the way the Germans throw away their trash. Throwing out the trash in Germany is complicated . At the beginning of your stay in Germany you will probably have to search the Internet for a list showing you how to do it. The trash here is divided into infinite categories, or at least so it seems. You will soon end up wondering where do you throw away your socks, hair, a half an onion, an empty bottle of shampoo , a broken radio, a sofa and the list can go on and on.   Of course everything has to be clean before you recycle it , so you will also spend some time washing your trash. Here are a few trash categories in Germany  : glass (sorted by color of course), plastic,  aluminum, paper, bio, old clothes and shoes, batteries, Christmas trees, etc . We will continue speaking about this subject in future posts.

14. Germans love long words. Did you know that some German words have more than 80 letters. Of course this type of words are not used every day, but those with around 40 letters are very common. You will see these type of words very often in legal and medical documents  .  I am sure that the Germans have a long word for everything.

15. Germans love to dress up  . You can see that at the many parades, carnivals and festivals :  Fasching Carnival,  The Rhenish Carnival, Oktoberfest, Cologne Carnival, Halloween and many others.The Germans already have the costumes for everything and they just need a reason to wear them.

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