Life in Germany- facts,tips and tricks

Here are some facts about the Germans and life in Germany, gathered after almost two years of living here. So this is what i know about the Germans:

      1. Germans are sporty. Jogging, riding a bike, Nordic walking, swimming, trekking are all part of everyday life here. I’ve recently meat an old lady from Bayern (she was around 70 years old), who told me she was jogging every day, even during winter. That really impressed me and suddenly i felt really lazy.
      2. The majority of Germans own a bike or hiking sticks. Riding a bike is really easy here, because the country has a good infrastructure with thousands of kilometers of marked bike tracks. Many Germans bike to work or school. Hiking sticks are also something very common in Germany and nobody will feel awkward if they use the sticks in a park or even on the street.
      3. Germans love rules and laws.When you come to Germany you notice there are rules for almost everything you enjoy and everything you do seems incorrect. Here are some rules that made me (and others) go crazy. Register you dog and pay tax for owning one, don’t throw away everything in the same place-separate the garbage, don’t barbecue there, don’t listen to loud music, don’t ride the bike on that side of the street, clean the windows facing the street, etc.
      4. Germans love beer and “Biergartens”. For many of them summertime=Biergartentime. A “Biergarten” is a sort of outdoor restaurant where beer is served. Of course there is also food there, but mostly fast food type (French fries, sausages, doughnuts, and bagels). What is interesting about” Biergartens” is that you can bring your own food from home.
      5. German stores are closed on Sundays, so don’t leave home on a Sunday with the intention of shopping. According to the German law, Sunday is dedicated to rest and family. Exceptions make the bakeries, some petrol stations and some shops from the train stations.
      6. The Germans are World champions in traveling. However the first place is also disputed with the Chinese.
      7. The weather in Germany isn’t as bad as you think. For example in 2013 the weather in Bayern was absolutely gorgeous. Exception made just a few weeks in May, when the rain was unstoppable.
      8. German bread is the best, but in order to see that you have to buy it from the right place-the bakery. I didn’t always think that German bread is good. At the beginning of my stay in Germany, i only ate bread from the supermarket. However one Sunday morning (when all the shops were closed) i discovered the German bakery bread. I bought around 5 bread rolls from a local bakery and they were so good, that i ate a few of them instantly (like someone who hasn’t seen bread for a long time)
      9. Germans love cars. In almost two years of Germany i’ve seen so many luxury cars.. However not all Germans are attracted to cars. In the big cities, where the public transport works perfectly, people don’t really need a car.
      10. Germans love to party. One can see that at the many festivals and concerts where the Germans go crazy: Oktoberfest-Munich, Ballermann-Mallorca,etc.




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