Germknödel – one of the best winter desserts 1

Germknödel is another delicious dessert that i’ve had the pleasure of trying in Bavaria.  This type of food is mostly served during the ski season as a dessert and in some places as main course.

Germknödel-best winter dessert

Germknödel-best winter dessert



We ate Germknödel at a small restaurant near Spitzingsee at the beginning of Oktober, so the ski season wasn’t yet open.

As you can see from the picture Germknödel looks like a big white dumpling covered with poppy seeds and vanilla sauce. The dumpling tastes like sweet bread and it’s filled with plum jam. With so many “attributes” you can imagine that the Germknödel was gone in 50 seconds. Even though this dessert looks and feels pretty light , you should know this is no “diet food”.

I’ll try to reproduce it at home and i’ll keep you updated, even though it will probably end up in failure .

As a conclusion if you found yourselves in Austria or South Germany you should really try one of the best winter desserts- Germknödel.

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