German shops

The shops in Germany can drive anyone crazy. The products are limited and the opening hours are lousy. For example last Friday(Valentines day) I wanted to bake a cheesecake. I had to go to 3 supermarkets to find the ingredients for this simple cake. For somebody working late (and i know many people like that) grocery shopping remains just an unfulfilled dream during the week. The Germans probably have a culture shock whenever they visit a country where the word “non stop” is used .

Sundays everything important is closed and that is why people buy like crazy Saturdays and Mondays. In order to avoid any cravings or problems you might have on a Sunday , it’s good to have  your own supplies of medicines and food.  If you need a medicine on a Sunday you have to call a special number to find out where you can find the only open pharmacy in your city/area. That is sad, but so is the law around here.

Other things in Germany that might interest you:

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