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Eagle’s Nest or Kehlsteinhaus – as the Germans call it, is the most amazing place I’ve seen in Germany. If you’re planning on visiting southern Germany you should put this place on the” to see list”. Eve

What is actually Eagle’s Nest and how do you get there

It’s a restaurant & outdoor beer garden with a breathtaking view situated on top of the mountain Kehlstein.  Kehlsteinhaus  is situated  at 1,834 m(6,017 ft) and  was once Hitler’s bungalow. Eagle’s Nest is situated in Bavaria,Germany, very close to the border with Austria.

The distance until Eagle’s Nest is around 160km from Munchen and 35km from Salzburg.

For your visit there pick a summer day with warm weather and clear sky.

The Road to the Eagle’s Nest starts for many tourists with the bus parking area. From here you reach the Eagle’s nest by taking another bus or you can hike. We parked the car and we studied our 2 options.  Eagle’s Nest house can be reached on foot (two hours walking)  but we didn’t see any signs pointing to the hiking path . The hiking road and the bus road are not one and the same, so you will see no lost hiker on the bus road.

As we weren’t really in the mood for walking , we easily abandoned the idea of hiking and bought the bus ticket.

The price of the ticket was high, but the breathtaking race on the edge of the cliffs was worth the money. Another advantage is you don’t have to wear your hiking clothes and shoes.

Eagle's Nest parking area

Eagle’s Nest parking area

Berchtesgaden National park bus view

Berchtesgaden National park bus view

Berchtesgaden area bus view

Berchtesgaden area bus view

From this upper parking area, where the bus stops, you have to go into a tunnel taking you to Eagle’s Nest. Before going into the tunnel you have to reserve at the cashier a ticket for the return road(you don’t pay anything else you just have to say an hour for the return so that you find free place on the bus).Don’t worry if you get there earlier or later. You can talk to the bus drivers and if there are enough free places you can leave with another bus .

Bus parking area Eagle's Nest

Bus parking area Eagle’s Nest

The view was already breathtaking but the journey was not over.

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