Australia with a toddler

In April 2017 we traveled from Germany (Munich) to Australia with our toddler, who was 2 years old at that time.  The trip lasted  24 days and it included : Sydney, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Port Douglas, seeing the coral Green Island  and also a few days spent in New Zealand.

We’ve always wanted to go to Australia, but such a trip always seemed too far away , too expensive and too uncomfortable for our son. But in December 2016 we’ve somehow forgotten  all of our worries when we spotted  some airplane tickets till Sydney with a good price and an acceptable flight duration. Without too much thinking we bought the tickets taking us to Sydney and back.  The flight was  operated by Qatar Airways  and it was so divided: München- Doha(5 hours 35 min) and Doha- Sydney(14 hours).

Then we remembered  we needed a visa for Australia and immediately felt sorry for buying the ticket so fast. After doing some research about the type of visa we needed, we found the type that was best suited  for us : a free  eVisitor visa subclass 651,  which could be used for 3 months from the entry date. So with a lot of fear of getting rejected  we applied for a visa

Our son received a positive answer within about 4 days without any extra documents and we received a visa in 11 days,  after answering some questions about our current income and the activities we plan to undertake during our stay in Australia.  I found the wait for this visa to be stressful , i would check my email  at least 20 times a day to see if any answer arrived. I’m glad the wait is over.

So this was the plan for our family trip to Australia:

Day1 -Arriving in Sydney, reaching our hotel room with 3 bags,stroller and kid and adjusting to the Australian Time

Day 2 -City sightseeing (Sydney Opera House, Botanical Gardens, Harbor bridge)

Day 3 -Blue Mountains

Day 4- Watson Bay, Bondy Beach

Day 5-  Seeing kangaroos in Featherdale wildlife park

Day  6- Flight to Queenstown, New Zealand and arriving to the hotel

Day 7 ´- Queenstown walk and arriving in Te Anau

Day 8 – Key Summit hike

Day 9 -Road Trip to Milford Sound

Day 10- Returning to Queenstown, eating the famous Fergburger and flying to Melbourne

Day 11- Melbourne sightseeing

Day 12 ,Day 13 – Road trip Great Ocean Road

Day 14 -Great Ocean Road and arriving in Melbourne

Day 15- Flight from Melbourne to Cairns and arriving to hotel in Port Douglas

Day 16- Day 20  – Port Douglas and Cairns activities

Day 21-  Taking a boat to Green Island,  Snorkeling and seeing the Great Barrier Reef

Day  22-Flight from Cairns to Sydney and arriving to the hotel

Day 23-Flight From Sydney to Doha

Day 24 – Flight from Doha to Munich

If you want to read more about this trip please follow our next posts.

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